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Order form for your Traditional Chinese Dress

1. Type of Dress

Your Choice of Model
Your Choice of Silk Cloth

Remark: For optimal comfort and durability we recommend a silk/polyester mix. For even more durability reasons 100% polyester may be preferred. Alternatively, we also offer 100% silk or viscose lining.

Leg Opening

Standard (apprx. as shown by model)
Length of opening:
How are you submitting your data

Remark: The 'leg opening' is THE thing that makes a Traditional Chinese Dress special. It helps you to walk freely, it contributes to ventilation, and it makes your appearance exotic and gracious.

Length of Sleeve

Standard ( apprx. as shown by model)
No sleeves
Half sleeves:
Full sleeves:

Remark: measure from shoulder seam as far as you want your sleeves to reach.

2. Measurement Form

Note: We will manufacture the dress exactly according to the information given below. This means, for example, that the 'neck' measure should be the size that the dress should have, allowing you to breath freely.



1. Neck

Measure round the neck



Shoulder and Back


2. Back width ( Across Shoulders)

Measure across back at end of shoulders




3. Around Bust Measure

Measure around the biggest part of bust



4. Front Length ( Shoulder to Bust)

Measure from shoulder seam ( at the neck) to bust point



Waste and Hip


5. Waistline

Measure natural waistline




6. Seat

Measure around biggest part of hips and mention how many centimeters/ inches below the waist




7. Back length ( shoulder to waist)

Measure from shoulder seam ( at the neck) to back waist



Length of Dress


8. Complete Length

How long should the dress be from shoulder seem to the end of the hem?


9. Your Height

Please tell us how tall you are:

10. More details:

Feel free to provide us here with any more details, which will help us in tailor-making your Deluxe Traditional Chinese Dress.

We guarantee that we will treat the data you submit with this form in outmost confidentiality.

After pushing the 'Send Form' button, please continue the ordering process as indicated.

3. Personal Information

Given name
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